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Employee Management System Android Project

Posted By freeproject on September 4, 2020

Android Project on Employee Management System

Android and MySQL project on Employee Management System is an android based project and we have developed this project in Android Studio, we can manage Experience, Salary, Login, Informations, Leaves and Employee from this project. The main objective to develop Android project on Employee Management System is to provide android app on Employee Management System to customer, from where user can use it from his mobile device. Android project on Employee Management System is compatible with all android mobiles. So user can install and configure it on their mobile devices. If you have any specific requirements then We can develop major android projects on Employee Management System according to requirements.

In this project, there are various type of modules available to manage Experience, Salary, Leaves. We can also generate reports for Salary, Experience, Informations, Employee. Here the Experience module manage all the operations of Experience, Salary module can manage Salary, Login module is normally developed for managing Login, Informations module manages Informations operations, Leaves module has been implemented to manage Leaves.

This is also a Major Employee Management System Project on Android, which you can submit in final year android project. But if you need Mini android Project on Employee Management System then we can develop it also. Also if you are looking for DBMS Project on Employee Management System then you can develop it in Android and MySQL. We have implemented advance search feature for searching records on various criteria for Salary, Experience, Leaves also admin can perform Create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations on Login, Informations, Employee. In this project all the modules like Experience, Informations, Salary are tightly coupled and we can track the informations easily. If you are looking for Free Employee Management System Project in Android, then you can visit our free projects section.


Modules of the Employee Management System

These are the main modules of the project:

  • Experience Module : We can create, read, update and delete Experience from this module
  • Salary Module : All the operations related to Salary, is managed by this module
  • Login Module : Login Module is used to manage the Login
  • Informations Module : It has been developed for managing the Informations
  • Leaves Module : It manages the Leaves
  • Employee Module : Employee operations will be managed by Employee module

Reports of the Employee Management System

  • Admin can generate report on Experience, Salary on various search criteria
  • Admin can export the report of Login, Informations, Leaves in excel format
  • All the reports of Experience, Login, Informations, Leaves can also be viewed on web interface
  • Admin will be able to export the report of Experience, Salary, Leaves, Login in PDF format
  • Print functionality has been implemented wtih all reports

Features of Employee Management System

  • Search module has been implemented to search Salary, Experience, Leaves, Employee
  • Employee Management System is an online web based application, from which user can easily manage Experience details, Login details, Informations details from browser
  • Admin user will be able to track all the information of Experience, Salary, Login ect
  • Admin has rights to edit, add, delete and update the records of Informations, Leaves, Employee
  • Web Interface has been provided for managing Login, Leaves, Experience

Employee Management System Software Requirements:

  • MySQL : For database we are using MySQL, you can use any version of MySQL
  • Android Studio : We have used Android Studio for developing this project
  • XAMP : We need XAMP server for delopying admin web app and WebApi

Employee Management System Technology Stack:

  • Android : All the frontend logic has been written in Android Java
  • MySQL : We have used MySQL database in this project
  • PHP : All of the WebAPI has been developed in PHP

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