GoLang Project On Movie Library Management System

Posted By freeproject on September 7, 2017

Objective of GoLang Project On Movie Library Management System

The main objective of the GoLang Project On Movie Library Management System is to manage the details of Downloading, Movie Type, Shows, Movie, Movie Language. It manages all the information about Downloading, Movie Library, Movie Language, Downloading. The project is totally built at administrative end and thus only the administrator is guaranteed the access. The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the Downloading, Movie Type, Movie Library, Shows. It tracks all the details about the Shows, Movie, Movie Language.

Functionalities provided by GoLang Project On Movie Library Management System are as follows:

  • Provides the searching facilities based on various factors. Such as Downloading, Shows, Movie, Movie Language
  • College Management System also sells the employees details online for students details, employees details, courses.
  • It tracks all the information of Movie Type, Movie Library, Movie ect
  • Manage the information of Movie Type
  • Shows the information and description of the Downloading, Shows
  • To increase efficiency of managing the Downloading, Movie Type
  • It deals with monitoring the information and transactions of Movie.
  • Manage the information of Downloading
  • Editing, adding and updating of Records is improved which results in proper resource management of Downloading data.
  • Manage the information of Movie
  • Integration of all records of Movie Language.

Report generation:

  • It generates the report on Downloading, Movie Type,Movie Library
  • Provide filter reports on Shows, Movie, Movie Language
  • You can easily export PDF for the Downloading,Movie Library, Movie
  • Application also provides excel export for Movie Type, Shows, Movie Language
  • You can also export the report into csv format for Downloading, Movie Type, Movie Language

Limitation of GoLang Project On Movie Library Management System

  • Excel export has not been developed for Movie Library, Movie due to some criticality.
  • The transactions are executed in off-line mode, hence on-line data for Downloading, Movie Type capture and modification is not possible.
  • Off-line reports of Downloading, Shows, Movie Language cannot be generated due to batch mode execution.

Input Data and Validation of GoLang Project On Movie Library Management System

  • All the fields such as Downloading, Shows, Movie Language are validated and does not take invalid values
  • Each form for Downloading, Movie Type,Movie Library can not accept blank value fields
  • Avoiding errors in data
  • Controlling amount of input

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