Airlines Ticket Booking System System Project - Download Project Source Code and Database

PHP and MySQL Project on Airlines Ticket Booking System

Airlines Ticket Booking System

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This project Airlines Ticket Booking System has been developed on PHP and MySQL. The main objective for developing this project is to provide help the customer to book their airlines tickets without going booking counter or to any other booking vendors who are booking tickets for customer’s journey which give flight details and departure time of the flight. This project Airlines Ticket Booking System Project in Php is to providing all the information about Airlines schedule, cancled flight, rescheduled flight, Search for flight, query of seats on particular flights, availability dates, arrival and departure time, making query between two locations. Customer can view the reservation after booking the ticket. Customer will be able to view the details related to his ticket. This system Airlines Ticket Booking System can also manage flight details, tour details and customer details. It can also maintain the details of booking time of the seat(s) or collecting time of the tickets, the booking date and the name of agent which is optional, by which the customer can reserve the seats. Students can download a best collection of php online projects. Student can also download php mini projects with documentation and synopsis.