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Django, Python and MySQL Project on Doctors Appointment System

Doctors Appointment System

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This project Doctor Appointment System has been developed on Django, Python and MySQL database. Our website provides many types of easy python projects to be developed as the final year college project for students. Students can download best python code projects based on their requirements. The main aim purpose for developing this project Doctor Appointment System is to provides patient an easy way of booking a doctor’s appointment online. This is an online based system that overcomes the issue of managing and booking appointments according to customer’s choice or requirements. This projects Doctor Appointment System which appointment are empty, and then the this system will automatically provide appointments to the patient. In this system patient can easily register his profile details, then they can login to the system by entering login user id and password. The patient can take appointment after the login and after login patient can also check appointment details, doctor details, treatment details and prescription details. It can aslo manage all the details of Doctors, Patients, Appointments, Treatment reports, Prescription report, Clinical tests, etc. Student can find all the python web application projects with source code and full documentation. Student can download free free python projects with source code academic college projects with database and documentation. Students can easily search and find simple php mysql project projects here.