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PHP and MySQL Project on Medical Information System

Medical Information System

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This project Medical Information System has been developed in PHP and MySQL database. Our website provides many types of php online projects to be developed as the final year college project for students. The project Medical Information System is to provides all the information about medical, patients, doctors etc. This is an internet based system that overcomes the issue of managing and booking appointments according to customer’s choice or requirements. The Medical Information System Project in Php provides the power of direct interaction between doctors of customer choice as and when required for your small problems. Patients will able to fill online form in just few seconds before entering to the virtual office room by using this system. This system can also enable customer to upload their lab results such as x-ray copies, health history etc which can be viewed by customer referred doctors. It can also maintain list of doctors, available appointment time, book appointment, cancel appointment, view his appointment history. This project provides the searching facilities based on various factors like Patient, Doctors, Tests, Treatments. Student can free download php projects as academic college projects with source code database and documentation. Students can easily search and find download free php projects with source code here.