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HTML, CSS and JavaScript Project on School System

School Website

Posted By freeproject on Friday, August 18, 2017 - 15:38
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This project School System has been developed on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This is mini project in HTML with source code and database. The main purpose for developing this project was to create a static website for the School, from which user can get the details of the school, such as about the school, contact details, address, images etc. This project is in HTML and CSS so it's a static website and does not perform any type of dynamic database operations. This School website project in HTML is suitable for DOEACC O Level. Our website is to provide mini project in HTML with source code. Students can get and download html projects with source code. Many sample html projects with source code are available on our website This project is suitable for DOEACC O Level. This project is very useful for DOEACC O Level students as college projects submission. They are created to help students to develop html project ideas about mini project, topics, writing styles, file handling etc.