Introduction of Movie Ticket Booking System

Posted By freeproject on November 22, 2016

The main aim of this project Movie Ticket Booking System is a best way of ticket booking for Cinema Halls. f tickets and Enquiries about availability of the tickets. This Movie Ticket Booking System is very helpful for customer because he can easily book ticket and can be used by any person. This project Movie Ticket Booking System includes email confirmation for the tickets. This is one of the important features of our project. This project Movie Ticket Booking Systemis commonly used in our life for movie bookings information. This project can be the alternative for a manual booking mechanism. By examining the existing system on the internet, we found that there is no such function available at this moment, so we try to include it in our system. To protect the benefit of the cinema, we will not give the money back to the customer, instead the customer has to visit cinema hall for further process. So, the customer can get the money from the cinema hall. Hence both the customer and the cinema can sort out further matter

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