Objective of the project student feedback system

Posted By freeproject on June 11, 2016
  • Students should have the opportunity to have their views represented in decisions which may affect them. This is achieved through the Student representation on University Committees.
  • Students at the University have the right to have their views carefully considered and to receive information on results of the feedback provided and any action taken as a result. Where this is not possible, for reasons of confidentiality relating to an individual member of staff or student, information should be provided on the process followed by the University once feedback is obtained and the possible outcomes.
  • Enhancing the student experience relies on improvement being made during the period of study for students whose views are elicited. The key methods of ensuring that student feedback informs these improvements are the Student/Staff Consultative Committee and the Adviser of Studies process. Both systems enable immediate action to be taken on issues arising to effect change for current students.
  • Whilst some feedback methods require independent methods of collection, and while results may be centrally analysed and reported, responsibility for the action should remain with the relevant Faculty or department.
  • Students are expected to adopt a responsible and thoughtful attitude when providing feedback.
  • Methods of collecting student feedback should seek to ensure that the student is able to express their views freely without fear of being disadvantaged and that the method of collection and analysis is free from the risk of distortion and manipulation.
  • Methods of collecting student feedback should be appropriate to both purpose and situation. A wide range of methods should be used across the institution to prevent questionnaire fatigue and to reflect the range of information required.

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