Project Feasibility Study

Posted By freeproject on November 18, 2015

Feasibility study is the phase in which the analyst checks that the candidate system is feasible for the organization or not. This entails identification, description & evaluation of the system. Feasibility study is done to select the best system that meets the performance requirement.

If the feasibility study is to serve as a decision document, it must answer key questions:

  • Is there a new and better way to do the job that will benefit the user?
  • What are the costs and savings of the alternatives?
  • What is recommended?
  • The most successful system projects are not necessarily the biggest or most visible in the business but rather those truly meet user’s expectations.

Technical Feasibility:

Technical feasibility is concerned with the availability of hardware and software required for the development  of the system, to see compatibility and maturity of the technology proposed to be used and to see the availability of the required technical manpower to develop the system.

After the study we came to conclusion that we proceed further with the tools and development environment chosen by us. This was important in our case as we were working on two various phases of the department that will need to be integrated in future to make an extended system.

Operational Feasibility:

Operational feasibility is all about problems that may arise during operations. There are two aspects related with this issue:

  • What is the probability that the solution developed may not be put to use or may not work?
  • What is the inclination of the management and end users towards the solution? Though, there is very least possibility of management being averse to the solution, there is a significant probability that the end users may not be interested in using the solution due to lack of training, insight etc.

Economic Feasibility:

It is the measure of cost effectiveness of the project. The economic feasibility is nothing but judging whether the possible benefit of solving the problems is worthwhile of not. At the feasibility study level, it is impossible to estimate the cost because member’s requirements and alternative solutions have not been identified at this stage. However, when the specific requirements and solutions have been identified, the analyst weighs the cost and benefits of all solutions, this is called “cost benefit analysis.

Behavioral Feasibility:

           Behavioral feasibility is the analysis of behavior of the candidate system. In this we analyze that the candidate system is working properly or not. If working than it   communicating proper with the environment or not. All this matters are analyzed and a good candidate system is prepared. Due to the change of system what is the change in behavior of the users, this factors are also analyzed.

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