Conclusion of the project Electricity Billing System

Posted By freeproject on November 17, 2015

We have tried to develop a system that can be a great help for the owner of the referred electricity department to receiving bill from the customer. Despite all our efforts there are some bugs in the system, which are still to be removed. This is possible by the testing being done in the system.We have left all the options open so that if there is any other future requirement in the system by the user for the enhancement of the system then it is possible to implement them.

In the last we would like to thanks all the persons involved in the development of the system directly or indirectly. We are also thankful to the Rajendra Nagar South Division Electricity Department for so much taken by them in helping to develop the system.We hope that the project will serve its purpose for which it is develop there by underlining success of process.

In the end We wish to say that computers should be put to such use where not only their capabilities are fully exploited but, what is more important, serve the society by raising the standard of living of people, thereby making the world better place to live and work in.

At the end it is concluded that we have made effort on following points…

  1. A description of the background and context of the project and its relation to work already done in the area.
  2. Made statement of the aims and objectives of the project.
  3. The description of Purpose, Scope, and applicability.
  4. We define the problem on which we are working in the project.
  5. We describe the requirement Specifications of the system and the actions that can be done on these things.
  6. We understand the problem domain and produce a model of the system, which describes operations that can be performed on the system.
  7. We included features and operations in detail, including screen layouts.
  8. We designed user interface and security issues related to system.
  9. Finally the system is implemented and tested according to test cases.

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