Python Project Interview Questions

Posted By freeproject on March 19, 2018
  • What are the technologies, have you used for developing the project ?
  • I have used Python, Django and MySQL for developing this project. Frontend desing structure has been developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and business logic has been implemented in Python and Django. I have used MySQL database for storing all the information.
  • What is the frontend of the project ?
  • Python is the frontend language of the project
  • Which framework, you have used with python ?
  • I have used Django Web Framework with python.
  • What is the backend or database of the project ?
  • I have used MySQL database for this project.
  • How you have connected the MySQL server from Python and Django ?
  • I have used MySQL Connector for connecting the database with Python.
  • Write down the database connection.
    	'default': {
    		'ENGINE': 'mysql.connector.django',
    		'NAME': 'car_rental_system',
  • Show me the running process of the project. (For normal project)
  • Step 1 : Start XAMP or WAMP Server
    Step 2 : Open CMD
    Step 3 : Go inside your project "cd C:/PROJECT_NAME"
    Step 4 : Run the command "python runserver"
    Step 5 : Open any web browser and open the URL :
  • What are the software requirements for running your project ?
  • Python Version 2.7
    Django Version 1.11
    MySQL Version 5
    WAMP or XAMP server for MySQL