ASP Project Setup

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Posted By freeproject on March 10, 2020
  • What are the technologies, have you used for developing the project ?
  • I have used ASP, C# and MySQL for developing this project. Frontend design structure has been developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript and business logic has been implemented in ASP and C#. I have used MySQL database for storing all the information.
  • What is the frontend of the project ?
  • ASP is the frontend language of the project
  • Which Visual Studio version have you used in this project ?
  • I have used Visual Studio 2017 for developing and running this project.
  • What is the backend or database of the project ?
  • I have used MySQL database for this project.
  • How you have connected the MySQL server from ASP and C# ?
  • I have used MySQL Connector for connecting the database with C#.
  • Project Setup and Installation steps video Instruction