Identification of need

Posted By freeproject on November 17, 2015

The old manual system was suffering from a series of drawbacks. Since whole of the system was to be maintained with hands the process of keeping, maintaining and retrieving the information was very tedious and lengthy. The records were never used to be in a systematic order. there used to be lots of difficulties in associating any particular transaction with a particular context. If any information was to be found it was required to go through the different registers, documents there would never exist anything like report generation. There would always be unnecessary consumption of time while entering records and retrieving records. One more problem was that it was very difficult to find errors while entering the records. Once the records were entered it was very difficult to update these records.   

In present, work done in the electricity board is performed manually which is a great headache for the department .The reason behind it is that there is lot of information to be maintained and have to be kept in mind while running the business .For this reason we have provided features Present system is partially automated (computerized), actually existing system is quite laborious as one has to enter same information at three different places.

Following points should be well considered-:

  • Documents and reports that must be provided by the new system: there can also be few reports, which can help management in decision-making and cost controlling, but since these reports do not get required attention, such kind of reports and information were also identified and given required attention.
  • Details of the information needed for each document and report.
  • The required frequency and distribution for each document.
  • Probable sources of information for each document and report.
  • With the implementation of computerized system, the task of keeping records in an organized manner will be solved. The greatest of all is the retrieval of information, which will be at the click of the mouse. So the proposed system helps in saving the time in different operations and making information flow easy giving valuable reports.

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