Introduction of the project Electricity Billing System

Posted By freeproject on November 17, 2015

         The aim of our project is to develop a system that is meant to partially computerize the work performed in the Electricity Board like generating monthly electricity bill, record of consuming unit of energy, store record of the customer and previous unpaid record.

We used Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 as front end and MS-Access 2000 as back end for developing our project. Visual Basic is primarily a visual design environment. We can create a VB application by designing the form and that make up the user interface. Adding visual basic application code to the form and the objects such as buttons and text boxes on them and adding any required support code in additional modular.

Microsoft Access 2000 is a powerful relational database application with which a desktop user can efficiently create and manipulate database systems. Access targets the desktop category and works best for individuals and workgroup

Managing megabytes of data for multi-user access to the same database, Access uses file-server architecture, rather than client-server architecture.

Access is included in the professional and developer editions of Microsoft office.

The overall project report is divided into some parts. These parts are further divided into their subparts. In the parts we have described the purpose, scope of the project, objective of the project i.e. approach which used for developing this software. It includes the topics like the problems with the existing system and the functionality of the organization. Introduction to tools, design, coding, testing and debugging of the system are discussed in very detail. We have also provided the names of the books from which we have taken guidance to complete the work. Last section contains the matter about the overall work performed and the efforts taken to complete the project.


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