Abstract of the Project Issue Tracking System

Posted By freeproject on May 31, 2016

For many years, issue-tracking mechanism is employed only in some of the large software development houses. Most of the others never bothered with issue tracking at all, and instead simply relied on shared lists and email to monitor the status of defects. This procedure is error-prone and tends to cause those issues judged least significant by developers to be dropped or ignored.

Issue Tracking System is an ideal solution to track the issues of a product, solution or an application. Issue Tracking System allows individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding issues in their product effectively. This can also be called as Defect Tracking System.

The Issue Tracking System can dramatically increase the productivity and accountability of individual employees by providing a documented workflow and positive feedback for good performance.

Some salient features are …

  1. Product and Component based
  2. Creating & Changing Issues at ease
  3. Query Issue List to any depth
  4. Reporting & Charting in more comprehensive way
  5. User Accounts to control the access and maintain security
  6. Simple Status & Resolutions
  7. Multi-level Priorities & Severities.
  8. Targets & Milestones for guiding the programmers
  9. Attachments & Additional Comments for more information
  10. Robust database back-end

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