Introduction of CD DVD Library Management System

Posted By freeproject on May 18, 2017

The main aim for developing this Project CD DVD Library Management System is to manage the details of CD DVD, Customer, Booking, Sales, Songs. It can also manages all the information about CD DVD, Movies, Songs, CD DVD. It tracks all the details about the Customer, Booking, Sales, Songs. This project is very helpful for maintain all records of the music and video cd which are available in the store along with other details of a particular cd such as its total quantity available in the shop, cost per cd. This system also having to maintain keep record of customer. The customer can get an option either to purchase a particular cd or to take on rent. If the customers will not able to submit the cd on time or within 15 days, he or she will be fined Rs 20 per day and the total amount will be deducted from their account.

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