Introduction of Credit Card Approval System

Posted By freeproject on May 23, 2017

The credit card is have their PIN for payment by signing a receipt with card details electronic verification system allow to verify the credit card validity and customer should maintain sufficient amount of credit in his account then only he can have accessing permissions. Credit card processing is very efficient when compared to other cards. A credit card approval system is a small plastic card which is used for system payments issued to the users. This card is to use buy goods and services based on card holders promise to pay for that goods. A credit card is different from a charge card very extra features are available in credit card when compared to charge card here it allow the credit card holder to revolve their balance. This product caters to all the Credit, Debit and Smart Card based functions of a bank like Registration of Customers for card issue, Opening Card Accounts for the registered customer, Creation of Cards for registered customers, Hot Carding, making the Card ready for Embossing by creation of Card Data file etc. The Credit Card Approval System could interact with an external Card Transaction System, thereby making the Card-related information maintained by the bank, up-to-date. The main aim is to build a Card Management System which provides complete card processing, to meet the needs of full-fledged Credit card and Debit card based ATM or Point of Sale network.

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