Features of Examination Information System

Posted By freeproject on May 26, 2017

Functionalities provided by Project on Examination Information System are as follows:

  • Examination Information System provides the searching facilities based on various factors. Such as Examinations, Students, Faculties, Papers
  • Examination Information System also sells the employees details online for Examinations, Students, Faculties, Papers.
  • It tracks all the information of Marks, Courses, Faculties ect
  • Manage the information of Marks
  • Shows the information and description of the Examinations, Students
  • To increase efficiency of managing the Examinations, Marks
  • It deals with monitoring the information and transactions of Faculties.
  • Manage the information of Examinations
  • Editing, adding and updating of Records is improved which results in proper resource management of Examination Information System data.
  • Manage the information of Faculties
  • Integration of all records of Papers.

Report generation:

  • It generates the report on Examinations, Marks, Courses
  • Provide filter reports on Students, Faculties, Papers
  • You can easily export PDF for the Examinations, Courses, Faculties
  • Application also provides excel export for Marks,Students, Papers
  • You can also export the report into csv format for Examinations, Marks, Papers

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