Introduction of Examination Management System

Posted By freeproject on November 23, 2016

This project Examination Management System has been developed on Visual Basic and MSAccess Database. The main purpose to develop this project is to taking the exam of students on computer science of different branches and subject. In this project students can easily register for exams, enroll for examinations, results and report generation. This system maintains the information of the registered students. This project Examination Management System is used to perform all the examination activities like adding examiners, searching of examiners, examiners delete operations and assigning of examination duties etc. Students can asiy see the available faculty in particular time table by this projec. There are 3 types of users available in the project first is admin who is the Super Admin of the project, who can manage all the things of the project. Second is teacher who is resposible for adding the question branch and subject wise. And the third one is student who will participate in the exam.

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