Introduction of Mobile Shop Automation System

Posted By freeproject on August 12, 2016

The project Mobile Shop Automation System is to provide for a small enterprise. The main aim of this project is to keep track on their inventory and billing process and wants to change from paper based transaction to computerized transaction. The Mobile Shop Automation System will make storing of the mobile records, employee records, purchase information, and customer information. In this project supplier and sales information in the database automatically generate bills when the customer buys the mobile. The bill history can be retrieved promptly and reports will be generated based on different criteria’s.

In this project our product will greatly reduce the running by using common and cheap office items like database and desktop application and also there is no requirement to store books or accounts. The data is directly stored in the database in the hard disk of the computer. The Mobile Shop Automation System provides all information regarding to the mobile shop. This project is easily download on your computer with source code and easily operate on computer. The Mobile Shop Automation System is a user friendly project.This project can also help to manage the records related to purchase, sales, return, stock updating, cash flow etc. The main objective of this project is to automate the existing system of manually maintain the records of the counter sales, purchases, reorder levels, Supplier and Customer monetary positions and other related transactions made at the counter.

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