Introduction of Online Music Portal

Posted By freeproject on July 19, 2016

The main aim of developing this Online Music Portal Java based web application is to give user friendly tool for musical sites. This is one of the online shopping or storing for music files. Most of the websites now a day’s selling their products through online but download music files with free of cost makes problem with copying so this is the best way to stop music copying over the net. Here the customer should log in through Music Portal sites and purchase selected music files like classical songs, movies, and private albums by using paytm, credit card, debit card option. Once the payment has done then selected music can be downloaded directly to the system of the user. The main advantage of this system, it is user friendly, give us 24 hours customer service, decrease the manual efforts and Time.Today, Online Music Portal is providing music genres of all types with a cost-free to users. One-click sites portal to connect with thousands of artists and their music, some of which is legitimately available for free from time-to-time via individual records, the artists, album and other occasional authorized source.

One of the best advantages of listening to music online is the accessibility of it. Customers can download music from computer with net connection. Customer can find music from around the world with one click and have music downloading to computer. Music downloaded on computer is also easily transferred to a personal MP3 player. There are a lot of online music portal and sites that allow customer to download certain songs for free. Purchasing and listening to music online allows users to create a customized playlist and in turn him become own DJ. This can be less expensive than purchasing a CD or DVD, especially if users only interested in one or two songs from a certain artist.

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