Introduction of Project Management System

Posted By freeproject on August 16, 2016

The Project management system project is used in software companies for efficiently organizing project form starting stage to ending stage and allocating works to different departments form designing, coding, testing and management. Using this system company can develop many projects at a time which will save time and human resource. This system maintains budget of the project and resources required for implementing this project and provide time for project to complete and also manages information of clients documents and requirements. After registering the projects, all the teams profile will be stored in the database and whenever they want those teams can view and take prints of their profile. In this system client can view the notices given by the Admin or the Guides, and finally the respective teams should upload their project executable files in the portal for future use.

This project Project Management System has been developed on JSP, Java and MySQL. The main purpose to develop this project to manage all the activities of the project development. It manages all the timesheet entries, project management, project assignment, ticket management, bug management etc.

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