Awareness and effective utilization of ESI benefits

Posted By freeproject on December 8, 2016
Employee State Insurance Act 1948, is a piece of social welfare legislation enacted primarily with the object of providing certain profits to employees in case of employment injury, maternity and sickness and also to make arrangement for certain others matters incidental moreover. The Act in fact tries to gain the goal of sociol economic justification enshrined in the Directive principles of state policy under part 4 of our constitution. The act strives to materialize these avowed objects through only to a limited extent. This act becomes a wider spectrum then factory act. In the sense that while the factory act concerns with the health, safety, welfare, leave etc. of the workers employed in the factory premises only. But the benefits of this act extend to employees whether working inside the factory or establishment or elsewhere or they are directly employed by through an intermediate agency or principal employee, if the employment is incidental or in connection with the factor.
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