Security mechanisms at various levels

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Testing is vital for the success of any software. no system design is ever perfect. Testing is also carried in two phases. first phase is during the software engineering that is during the module creation. second phase is after the completion of software. this is system testing which verifies that the whole set of programs hanged together.

White Box Testing:

In this technique, the close examination of the logical parts through the software are tested by cases that exercise species sets of conditions or loops. all logical parts of the software checked once. errors that can be corrected using this technique are typographical errors, logical expressions which should be executed once may be getting executed more than once and error resulting by using wrong controls and loops. When the box testing tests all the independent part within a module a logical decisions on their true and the false side are exercised , all loops and bounds within their operational bounds were exercised and internal data structure to ensure their validity were exercised once.

Black Box Testing:

This method enables the software engineer to device sets of input techniques that fully exercise all functional requirements for a program. black box testing tests the input, the output and the external data. it checks whether the input data is correct and whether we are getting the desired output.

Alpha Testing:

Acceptance testing is also sometimes called alpha testing. Be spoke systems are developed for a single customer. The alpha testing proceeds until the system developer and the customer agree that the provided system is an acceptable implementation of the system requirements.

Beta Testing:

On the other hand, when a system isto be marked as a software product, another process called beta testing is often conducted. During beta testing, a system is delivered among a number of potential users who agree to use it. The customers then report problems to the developers. This provides the product for real use and detects errors which may not have been anticipated by the system developers.   

Testing Approaches:

Unit Testing:

Each module is considered independently. it focuses on each unit of software as implemented in the source code. it is white box testing.

Integration Testing:

Integration testing aims at constructing the program structure while at the same constructing tests to uncover errors associated with interfacing the modules. modules are integrated by using the top down approach.

Validation Testing:

Validation testing was performed to ensure that all the functional and performance requirements are met.

System Testing:

It is executing programs to check logical changes made in it with intention of finding errors. a system is tested for online response, volume of transaction, recovery from failure etc. System testing is done to ensure that the system satisfies all the user requirements.

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