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Doctor Appointment System

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The project Doctor Appointment System Project in php is to provides patients or any customer an easy way of booking a doctor’s appointment online. Our website provides best php projects free download with source code for students.This is an internet based system that overcomes the issue of managing and booking appointments according to customer’s choice or requirements. The task sometimes becomes very tedious for the compounder or doctor himself in manually allotting appointments for the customer as per their availability. Hence this project offers an effective solution where customers can view many booking slots available and select the preferred date and time. The already booked space will be marked yellow and will not be available for anyone else for the specified time. This system also allows users to cancel their booking anytime. The system provides an additional feature of calculating monthly earnings of doctor. Doctor has to just feed the system regularly with daily earnings and generates a report of total amount earned at the end of the month. The system uses PHP as a front-end and MySQL database as the back-end.