Introduction of E-Learning Management System

Posted By freeproject on June 11, 2016

Teachers are significant asset for education in a country. They are spearhead of educational success and regarded hold important role in achieving education's aim. The success of the students is more influenced by their teachers. Therefore the teachers are required to have good quality, moral and enough knowledge to be ideal role for their students. However, with confined condition as an retreat and some other limitations, it is difficult to have quality in education facilities and teachers quality for the area especially in rural area. In order to resolve the problem, propose an integrated solution called quality in Education system that believe it can improve education quality of the teachers regardless the area they stay in. Developing this E-learning system with different modes that can suit to various conditions of each area.

There are many definitions of ‘e-learning’, which can confuse those at the early stages of exploring e-learning. E-Learning can be defined as 'learning facilitated and supported through the use of information and communications technology'. It can cover a area of activities from the use of technology to support learning as part of a combined approach to learning that is delivered entirely online. Whatever the technology, however, learning is the vital element. E-Learning system enterprises related technologies and communication systems to improve the learning experience. It has potential to transform the way we teach and learn across the board. It can raise standards learning. It cannot replace teachers and lecturers, but alongside existing methods. It can enhance the quality and reach of their teaching, and reduce the time spent on administration. It can enable every learner to achieve his or her potential, and help to build an educational workforce granted to change. It makes possible a truly ambitious education system for a future learning society. E-Learning provides innovative courses directly to you. Take any class, any time you want, anywhere you want, with no additional software to download—all you need is an internet connection. Study at your own pace and access your course when it is convenient for you. E-learning System can be helpful to all students to improve their knowledge. In this E-Learning system will able to add student in a class, upload file, add Course, Department, Subject. It has also a form validator and a Responsive Design compatible in SmartPhone and Tablet.

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