Introduction of the Project Issue Tracking System

Posted By freeproject on May 31, 2016

Issue Tracking System is the system which enables to detect the issues. It not merely detects the issues but provides the complete information regarding issues detected. Issue Tracking System ensures the user of it who needs to know about a provide information regarding the identified issue. Using this no issue will be unfixed in the developed application.

The developer develops the project as per customer requirements. In the testing phase the tester will identify the issues. Whenever the tester encounters number of issues he adds the issue id and information in the database.

The tester reports to both project manager and developer. The issue details in the database table are accessible to both project manager and developer.

When a customer puts request or orders for a product to be developed. The project manager is responsible for adding users to Bus Tracking System and assigning projects to the users.

The project manager assigns projects to the developers. The developer develops the projects as per customer requirements. The project manager itself assigns the developed applications to the Testers for testing. The tester tests the application and identify the issues in the application. When the tester encounter no. of issues, he generates a unique id number for each individual issue. The issue information along with its id are mailed to the project manager and developer. This is Issue Report. These are stored in the database. This is useful for further reference.

Issue information includes the issue id, issue name, issue priority, project name, issue location, issue type.This whole process continues until all the issues are got fixed in the application.

The issue report is mailed to the project manager and the developer as soon as the issue is identified. This makes that no error will go unfixed because of poor communication. It makes ensure that anyone who needs to know about a issue can learn of it soon after it is reported.

Issue Tracking System plays an vital role in the testing phase. But it supports assigning projects for the developer, tester by the project manager. The Issue Tracking System maintains the different users separately i.e., it provides separate environments for project manager, developer and tester.

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