Introduction of Automobile Automation System

Posted By freeproject on August 12, 2016

This Automobile Automation system is the project for Automobile sales and service dealers shop for Sales, Service and Spare Parts Management. This project is very easy to operate. This project is a Automobile Automation System. The main aim of this project is to an concepts depends on the stock and sales. Even the commission earned by the employees after selling a particular automobile from the showroom. This system provides information of all the employees and details of the employee should be save in database. This project also can support the attendance management.

Every day the employee has to punch his card while he enters in the showroom. Every day when employee sits in from of his system the targets of the day will be in front of the employee. The employee insert complete the record in this system which will be saved in the database. This can be viewed by the admin , he will get an each and every employees reports on what target what employee is working. Whether the specific employee completes the work or not. These reports can be generated to the admin even in his mobile. Even the payroll management is done in this system. This project can also help for includes leave and attendance before calculating salary. The purpose of the project is to build an application program to reduce the manual work for managing the Delivery, Automobiles, Customers, Booking. It tracks all the details about the Booking, Services, Charges. Automobile Management System is to manage the details of Delivery,Automobiles, Booking, Services, Charges. It manages all the information about Delivery, Customers, Charges, Delivery. This is best project which has been ever developed by our developers, our team has worked very hard on this to get the complete product ready.

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