Introduction of College Enrollment System

Posted By freeproject on May 17, 2017

The main objective of this project College Enrollment System is to provide recording all the information regarding students and the relevant information like fee’s, exam schedule etc. It gives us particular data about how a student can enroll to a college, with an ease of use. This system to be produced is on college enrollment system. There are 2 users. The first user is college authority user or the admin who has the maximum access rights than any other user. He or she has the right to edit add or delete the master details entered by them. These master details will be visible to the other user which makes application helpful. The Admin adds college information to this software also providing their contact and email id. Any awards gained by the college will also be entered into the database and will be displayed in this software for user reference. The faculty member details will also be saved in the database. Te other user is the student or the one who enrolls to join a college. All he or she need to do is visit that particular website link. He or she can also view the college information in this website. The courses offered by this particular college will be displayed in the course menu along with their fee structure, number of years to complete a course and the subjects offered. After viewing all these information, if the user wishes to enroll to this college he must first register. To register he or she must click on the registration button which is provided in the upper right of the form. The registration form asks for the complete details of the student including their contact, parent’s information, previous batch details etc. It also allows the student to choose their own user name and password. Using this user name and password the student can login to the system

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