Introduction of College Festival Organizer

Posted By freeproject on May 18, 2017

This project College Festival Organizer is the organizer for event management in a college. This system provides college management to schedule events online and assign student volunteers for an event. Using this system Event Managers can upload information related to the event in the form of audio, video files. The students and participants can view these files online and download. The students register with the website and some of them register as volunteers. Only event organizers and volunteers can upload event content to the site. College Fest Organizer can be extended to organize the events conducted in a city so that this will be an online portal for any type of event conducted in a city. This system is the management to the creation and development of Technical festivals, events and conference in a college. This project leads to provide the user especially the student the reliability in finding the schedule of events at one place rather to go for each of the college websites.

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