Introduction of Leave Management System

Posted By freeproject on July 28, 2016
Leave management system project is a web based system which can be accessed all over the organization or company. This system is automated system for managing leaves related information of employees and approval of leaves, payment cancelations etc are element of this system. Every employee is provided with unique user id and password for log in to system and send request for leave. Project manager of higher outhorites will look after the proposal and they may accept, reject or keep it in pending. Before approving leave different departments people will look after the request through this system and take decesions. This system will upgrade the process of leave management inside company by saving time and resources. It help to employees can view leave balances, request leaves, view past leave history, and managers can review and approve leave applications. This system is very useful for any companies or organizations where there are large number of employee. This system manages different leave types, leave history of all employees. The Leave Management System is an online system which can be used throughout the corporate company. This system also used to automate the workflow of leave applications and their approvals in corporate world. This system have many features such as notification of email, leave cancellation, automated leave approval and report generation based on the requested data by the user. This system is a web-based system to track and manage employees leave, absence and time-off from a single place. This system also automatically track In and Out time and attendance of employees.

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