Introduction of Mailing System

Posted By freeproject on June 2, 2017

The main purpose of the Project Mailing System is to manage the details of Subject, Mail server Address,Mailbox name, User data, Domain name. It manages all the information about Subject, Message data, Domain name, Subject. In this system users to send e-mails to any recipients of their choice of the webpage. The project Mailing System provides information the user to customize their profile, change themes as per own interest. This system is a helpful and also a very secure system. It provides users security as user needed user profile is protected with a password. User can change the password when you feel insecure with the old password. There is also the password recovery system in case user forgot user password, user can recover their profile by verifying user alternate email or phone number. It tracks all the details about the Mailbox name, User data, Domain name.

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