Introduction of Music Library Management System

Posted By freeproject on June 6, 2017

The main aim for developing this project Music Library Management System is a online application is to provide user friendly tool for music web sites. Music Library Management System have to sale many musical items and each items comes with number of models and variety. It can manage all these records and making updation regularly such as its selling price, number of items available per items, entering their cost price etc was not an easy task manually. As customers also do not able to search any particular item based on their required model and product name along with their manufacturing and brand details. Through this Music Library Management System, its admin will also able to make necessary operation related to their customers who have visited to their shop and using this information, shop owner can take other action such as providing new arrivals information to their particular customers and give rebate during purchasing of other products from their shop on the basis of the purchasing records. This project Music Library Management System will having the ability to store the vendors shop address, their contact number of type of instruments that has been purchased from their shop.

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