Introduction of the project Student Feedback System

Posted By freeproject on June 11, 2016

Student feedback on teaching is an important element of the University or school process for quality assurance of education. The feedback is helpful to the university in the continuous quest for improvements in teaching and thereby enhancing the students' learning experience. The Student Feedback System is usually conducted two weeks before the start of each Semester Examination and one week before the start of the Special Term Examination. In this exercise, the students' privacy is protected with responses not being traceable to specific identities. In addition, instructors will not have access to the student feedback responses until after the examination results have been released. The University or school aims to offer the best possible environment and learning experience to encourage students to perform to their full potential. Students play a critical part in the evaluation, development and enhancement of the quality of this learning experience. Feedback from students allows the University or school to evaluate how its service provision is viewed by its most important group of stakeholders, namely its students. Student feedback on learning, teaching and curriculum forms a component of a system for quality improvement, quality assurance and reward and recognition of teaching quality.

Student feedback contributes to:

  • Confirming to students and the community that committed to the achievement and maintenance of effective teaching and learning
  • Providing a basis for individual and collaborative critical reflection on teaching and curriculum
  • Identifying aspects of teaching and curriculum that are successful examples of effective practice, present opportunities for enhancement or require development
  • Providing evidence to guide review processes and decisions at University, Faculty, Department, Discipline, Program and Unit levels
  • Informing strategic development of learning and teaching capacity across the University
  • Informing Performance Development and Review (PDR), probation, promotion, reward and recognition schemes and processes
  • Providing evidence for reporting the effectiveness of learning and teaching initiatives and projects
  • Providing evidence of learning and teaching performance to professional, statutory and regulatory bodies.

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