Introduction of Vehicle Insurance Management System

Posted By freeproject on September 16, 2016

This project Vehicle Insurance Management System is developed on PHP and MySQL database. The project Vehicle Insurance Management System is to maintain all records of vehicle insurance such as 2 Wheeler vehicle, 3 wheeler vehicle, heavy vehicle etc, and maintain the records of customer registration and driving licence, Changing of address, Tax collection, vehicle transfer and many more. The main objective of this project is to simple application for insurance companies for managing customers who buy new vehicles and take insurance for that vehicles. This system is managing the details of payment, time period, vehicle details, customer personal details, insurance specifications are updated to database. In this system admin can add , delete , modify, records and search for old records with in short time.

Vehicle insurance management system project is very useful for computer science, bca, mca, final year students as mini project. This project can also help for managing vehicle showrooms insurance related details of customers when ever they buy new vehicles and update details when any calculations are done to there account.This project helps the customer to maintain the database of any insurance details and also can update the details of the insurance with the details of the vehicle.

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