Automation of Study Point

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Posted By freeproject on February 20, 2015

Introduction and Objective of the Project Automation of Study Point

This project deals with the management criteria of the Study Centre. Teachers are assigned classes, time tables are prepared the aim is to automate its existing manual system by the help of computerized equipments and full-fledged computer software, fulfilling their requirements, so that their valuable data/information can be stored for a longer period with easy accessing and manipulation of the same.

Basically the project describes how to manage entrance, registration, exams, time table, fee submission, employee and their salary etc.

The main objectives behind the development of this project are as follows:

  • To handle the admission forms and entry of admission related information to the machine.
  • To prepare the records of Student and Employee.
  • Provide the facility of courses.
  • To feed the result of students.
  • To generate the Student Details.
  • Provide the information of faculty.
  • To generate the fees structure of student.
  • Submission of fees.
  • The system generates a number of types of reports that can be then used for various purposes.

Input of the Project Automation of Study Point

The software system works on its input. The system generates a predetermined output on having the related input .On the basis of output the requires inputs are thought. The Project takes its various inputs through its Master entry forms. The system takes information about a particular Student through the module New Admission and uses some of this information in Fees, and Enquiry forms. The system takes information about employee through the module Add New Faculty which keeps information about new added employee. This information is also used in salary module to get the name and salary. System take information about employees in the study centre with their id, name address and salary .These information are used input to the system through the form Add New Employee.

Output of the Project Automation of Study Point

The software system are propose to generate some specific output for the Specific organization .The system AUTOMATION OF STUDY POINT is design to serve the specific purpose of STUDY CENTRE .In various module the output of one module become input to another module .The output of generated in the form tabular report for the management purpose.

As the output the project gives:

  • Enquiry of a particular student.
  • Enquiry of Employee.
  • Search information of a particular student by ID number.
  • Schedule of a Employee.
  • Student Report.
  • Salary report.
  • Fees report.

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