Automation of Telephone Billing

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Posted By freeproject on February 22, 2015


My project deals the transaction criteria of Telephone Billing Department. In my project I automate the billing of people who has telephone in their home or shop. In any Telephone department peoples comes receive their bills it may be monthly or 3 monthly. Telephone bill are generated according to the plans the use receive and the scheme that he follow in their shop or home. There are many types of plans for the peoples. The plans are like for the local calls, STD calls, and ISD calls. This system generates the bills of customer according to their connection number and it requests like request for plans, schemes, and bills. Computerization is must in every place because it save the money, human errors and time for the peoples.

My project contains the following types of objectives.

  • To handle all types of bills information according to their plans.
  • To prepare the records of plans that are new and that are old.
  • Provide the information of all types of plans to their customer.
  • To maintain the all types of enquiry records and their timing.
  • To generate the monthly bills of particular customer.
  • Provide the information of Employee working in the system.

There are following inputs which are given at the time of project creation:

  • Customer information to process the bills.
  • Plans information that the particular customer follow.
  • Take the information of balanced customer for their bills.
  • Take the Scheme that the customer follows.
  • Input the customer number.
  • Employee information.
  • Salary that they takes.

According to the input the project generates the following types of outputs. The output is given below:

  • Search information of a particular customer by ID number.
  • Daily schedule of an Employee.
  • Monthly bills report of particular customers.
  • Salary report of employees.
  • Generate the output for the plans.

New Customer Entry Module:

This module is used to feed the new customer information according of their plans. In customer information it takes the name, age, address, connection number in input. This entry is used in billing module.

Employee Entry Module:

This module is used to make entry of new coming employee. From here the entry of staff is made with all his/her personal information, designation, name, date of joining, age, address etc.

Employee Salary Module:

This module deals with the salary of employee. From here the staff is given salary and the entry of related information like date and amount is made. This module is important for the employee’s who works in the restaurant.

Billing Module:

This module handles the bills of a customer. From here the information is can be taken like their name their reading that he spent in their shop, home etc. Bill module uses the customer module to take their information, Connection module to take the connection number, plan that they have taken etc to generate the bill.

Plan Entry Module:

This module does the entry of the plans. There are many types of plans that the customer takes. Plan is described according to the name of plan, duration etc.

Security Module:

This module provides the security to the system. That means any person can not use the system without proper username and the password. Security module is very necessary for any system for the security of any system.

This project is of RDBMS category. With the help of this category we can insert the data very easily. It also deletes and updates the records very easily. RDBMS is capable for handling all types of manipulation very easily.

Automation of Telephone Billing by FreeProjectz