Guidelines for Submission of the Proposal and Synopsis

Posted By freeproject on November 7, 2014

Application with complete details for the items in the format should be submitted by the student through the research guide to the chairperson of the board of studies within first six months after the commencement of the course.
Students who are willing to undergo a research methodology course should register in the research center.

Details of the Project work requirements:

  • The project proposal submitted by the student should be approved by the Board of Studies, Dena and the Institutional ethical Committee prior to starting the research work.
  • The project should be registered in the Research Center (Which will maintain an state of the art documentation of the ongoing and completed student projects)
  • The project work should be carried out individually and personally by the student under the direct supervision of the research guide.
  • The intended project work should have some innovative components leading to the generation of new knowledge and contribution to the subject.
  • In any case the research proposal shall not be a copy of already done research work and plagiarism should be strictly avoided. Any form of plagiarism if found, serious action will be taken by the university.
  • Research facilities available in any of the department under the university can be utilized with permission from the Head of the Department and the Dean of the concerned faculty.
  • While publishing the research work in Journals or conference presentation should contain the name of the research guide as Author.