Leave Management System

Posted By freeproject on February 20, 2015

Introduction Of The Project Leave Management System

There are many type of leaves which are provide to an employee .Employee can use these leaves according to their necessity.

The different types of leaves are:-

  • MATERNITY LEAVE (Only For Ladies)

Generally the leave request and process works are done and managed manually hence leading to the chances of human errors that may create some problems. Thus, a secured and reliable system is required to handle it.

Automation of LEAVE, as described above, can lead to error free, secure, reliable and fast Information system. It can assist the staff to concentrate on their other activities rather to concentrate on the record keeping. Thus it will help organization in better utilization of resources.

The organization can maintain computerized records without redundant entries. That means that one need not be distracted by information that is not relevant, while being able to reach the information that is relevant much more quickly.

Objectives of the Project Leave Management System

The basic objective behind developing this project “LEAVE MANGEMENT SYSTEM” is as follows:-

  • To keep and manipulate the details of all employees in company.
  • To generate enquiry of employee on demand.
  • The main objective of this application is to automate as well as update leave information of the employees.
  • To handle proper and full information of every leave which have been provide by the organization.
  • Proper and timely entries can be made so that records always have correct and up to date information about the employees leave.
  • If any of the organization employee wants to know about his/her leave status it be easier.
  • To calculate the employee salary with leave and without leave.
  • The employee on leave, report can be generated by the Organization.
  • To manipulate leave information of employee for the organization.
  • To generate reports for management from various modules.

Project Category


The project comes under RDBMS category. The project handles the huge data in company subjected to employee, their leaves detail and salary. The RDBMS is capable of creating storage, keeping date, manipulating data and retrieving data in desired manner.

Input to the Project Leave Management System

The Major inputs to the project are….

  • Employee detail.
  • Detail of leave taken by employees.
  • Leave type that organization provides.
  • Salary detail.

Output of the Project Leave Management System

The major outputs are…

  • Employee Enquiry.
  • Details of employee on leave.
  • Detail of salary of employee.
  • Details of employee not taken leave in a month.
  • Reports from various modules.

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