Music and Movie Library System

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AUTOMATION OF MUSIC AND MOVIE LIBRARY is a place where media are kept, issued and sold. These media contains video, audio, games and other format of data. In LIBRARY the records of members, new media, their details, Member Entry, member Enquiry, Media Enquiry, and Media Return register etc. are maintained and manipulated. Generally all these works are done and managed manually hence leading to the chances of human errors that may create some problems. Thus, a secured and reliable system is required to handle it.

Automation of AUTOMATION OF MUSIC AND MOVIE LIBRARY, as described above, can lead to error free, secure, reliable and fast Information system. It can assist the staff to concentrate on their other activities rather to concentrate on the record keeping. Thus it will help organization in better utilization of resources.

The organization can maintain computerized records without redundant entries. That means that one need not be distracted by information that is not relevant, while being able to reach the information that is relevant much more quickly.

Objectives of the Project Music and Movie Library System

This project deals with the information criteria of the MUSIC AND MOVIE LIBRARY. Basically the project describes how to manage for good performance Member records, Media record and Media return record, etc.

The main objectives behind the development of this project are as follows:

  • To utilize resource of the AUTOMATION OF MUSIC AND MOVIE LIBRARY in an efficient manner by increasing their productivity through automation.
  • To make entry about members.
  • To make enquiry about media.
  • To access information of a particular Member.
  • To Store and retrieve details about media in LIBRARY.
  • To keep the details of issued and return media.
  • To see information about a particular media.
  • To maintain sale and purchase registers.

Project Category


The project comes under RDBMS category. The project handles the huge data in library subjected to media, members’ media issue and returned detail. The RDBMS is capable of creating storage, keeping date, manipulating data and retrieving data in desired manner.

Input to the Project

The Major inputs to the project are….

  • Members detail
  • Media details
  • Issued media detail
  • Purchase and sale detail
  • Supplier detail

Output of the Project

The major outputs are…

  • Members detail
  • Media details
  • Issued media details
  • Media stock status
  • Supplier enquiry.

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