School Management System

Posted By freeproject on February 18, 2015

Introduction of the project School Management System

This project deals with the management criteria of the school. School is a place where the job is to admit the students, keep their records, take the examination and give mark sheets and fulfilling their requirements. They are required to store the valuable data/ information’s for a longer period with easy accessing and manipulation of the same.

This project enables the School Staff in various school departments to handle the records efficiently, in comparatively lesser time with greater accuracy and hence improving the efficiency & reliability of staff. The project deals with various aspects of school functions viz. administration of the School management, registration of the incoming students, their admission in the school.

Objective of the Project

The main objectives behind developing this project are as follows:

  • To utilize resource of the institution in an efficient manner by increasing their productivity through automation.
  • The system generates a number of types of reports that can be then used for various purposes.

Likewise, there are several objectives behind developing the “SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM” and it reduces a lot of burden from the staff by simplifying the tasks etc.

Input to the Project

The system generates a predetermined output on having the related input on the basis of output for the required inputs are thought .No system can produce output without having the require input. The SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM takes its various inputs through its Entry Forms. The system takes information about a particular Class through the module Add New Class and uses some of this information in enquiry module. The system takes information about Student through the module New Student which keeps information about new Student. The system also gets the details of student.

Hence the major inputs to project are…

  • Student’s details
  • Details of Subject
  • Student’s Marks Details
  • Transfer Certificate Details

Output of the Project

The software system is proposed to generate some specific output for a specific organization .The system SCHOOL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is designed to serve the specific purpose of school. In various modules the output of one module become input to another module .Another report is generated from the table also use the list view feature of visual basic to display the information related table in a particular module .List view is a graphical control which is used to propagate information from a table.

The major outputs of project are…

  • Student’s enquiry
  • Class’s enquiry
  • Fee’s enquiry
  • Staff’s enquiry

Project Category

This project comes under RDBMS category. The project handles the huge data in centre subjected to Students, Exam marks, Classes information, user accounts and Class details. The RDBMS is capable of creating storage, keeping data, manipulating data and retrieving data in desired manner.

School Management System by Kaushal Kishore