IOT Project on Girls Security System using GSM and GPRS

Posted By freeproject on July 7, 2018

Due to increase in crime cases against women, there is a pressing need to ensure women security. Technology comes as a saviour for implementing ways to track location and send real-time alerts to the target people in times of danger. Internet of Things (IoT) can be implemented for remotely alerting concerned entities to reach out to women in times of need.

The IoT women security system broadly comprises sensors to monitor the state of female user, communication protocol and smartphone/laptop. The system includes GPRS and GSM module to connect to the smartphone and send alerts in real-time to relatives,friends or police in proximity. The GPS module is used to transmit location in terms of latitude and longitude of tracking device to remote receiver. The smartphone/laptop acts as receiver and may host an android/iOS application to monitor and receive alerts over the cloud/internet from the transmitter held by the female user. The cloud server ensures synchronization and control for the system. The system can also include camera to capture images of attacker or to record the situational instance. Some devices, especially the ones in form of belt, include pressure sensor to detect physical abuse and send alert to remote user for help.

The IoT based device enables real-time monitoring of the user bearing the sensor setup. Sensors such as heartbeat sensor, accelerometer and temperature sensor are embedded in the system to measure parameters of the female user and send notification when the parameters cross a certain threshold. The sensors can detect abnormal and vigorous motion to notify target receiver for attention, for instance, sending SOS messages to emergency contacts. In some devices, user initiated panic button is included to send alerts directly in case of an emergency.

Wearable devices in the form of band, chain, locket or garment and even, shoe-sole are being used which communicates location of the female user and details like nearby police station to a target smartphone via Internet.

The IoT security systems help in locating women and report instances of abuse to take timely action. Further, these systems can be improved in terms of accuracy since, error is not tolerable in case of safety and security. Nowadays, a lot of security mobile applications are being developed to cater to security of women. Together with sophisticated hardware to track female users, smart devices can enable better adoption of such solutions by people. This way technology should be leveraged and made convenient to use for easy adoption by masses. 

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