Certificate Management System AWS Cloud Based Project

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Posted By freeproject on July 9, 2022

AWS Cloud Based Project in Certificate Management System

Certificate Management System is a AWS Cloud based project, where we have used many AWS Services. This AWS Cloud Based Project, we have developed for students who want to learn AWS and Cloud Computing. We will provide deplopyment instructions with full project source code and database of Certificate Management System in AWS Cloud and its suitable for your final year cloud computing projects. We also provide customized Cloud based and cloud computing projects for beginners. The main objective for developing this AWS Cloud Based on Certificate Management System is to provide interface to the manage Issue Certificate, Subject, Certificate. Certificate Management System is a web based cloud project. This project provides a lot of features to manage Certificate, Issue Certificate, Subject. This project contains a lot of advance modules which makes the back end system very powerful.

If you are looking for Mini Cloud Computing Project on Certificate Management System with project source code and database then this is good option for you. We provide full cloud based project support to students, so students can learn and improve their skills in cloud computing and AWS Projects.

In Certificate Management System Cloud Computing Project, we have used headless based architecture, where all Certificate Management System API we have developed in AWS lambda functions and all UI element we have developed in angular or react technology

Functionalities of AWS Cloud Computing Prooject on Certificate Management System:

These functionalities we have developed in Certificate Management System.

  • Admin Login
  • Change Password for users
  • Logout Functionality
  • Admin Dashboard for navigation
  • Manage Issue Certificate
    • Adding New Issue Certificate
    • Edit the Exiting Issue Certificate
    • View details of the Issue Certificate
    • Listing of all Issue Certificate
  • Manage Subject
    • Adding New Subject
    • Edit the Exiting Subject
    • View details of the Subject
    • Listing of all Subject
  • Manage Certificate
    • Adding New Certificate
    • Edit the Exiting Certificate
    • View details of the Certificate
    • Listing of all Certificate
  • Reports of the project Certificate Management System
    • Report of all Issue Certificate
    • Report of all Subject
    • Report of all Certificate

Screens Page of the project Certificate Management System

  • Login Page: Admin can login and get inside the system for managing the system
  • Dashboard Page : To open respective pages from a single location
  • Issue Certificate Management : To manage details about Issue Certificate
  • Subject Management : On this page you can manage the details of Subject
  • Certificate Management : Certificate contains functionalities of Certificate related tasks
  • Change Password : To change the current password

Technology Used in the project Certificate Management System

We have developed this project using the below technology

  • AWS Lambda Function : All of the businesss login we have developed in Lambda Function
  • Dynamo DB : We have used Dynamo DB Database for storing all the data.
  • API Gateway : All of the API operations we are handling with API Gateway
  • S3 Bucket : We have uploaded UI codes of Certificate Management System on S3 Bucket
  • Cloud Formation : All deployment of Certificate Management System, we are doing with AWS Cloud Formation
  • Serverless Framework : We have used Serverless Framework for developing this application
  • Angular : All of the UI components of Certificate Management System, we have developed in Angular

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