Library Management System Project C++

Posted By freeproject on March 12, 2015

Library Management System in C++ is available here for free download. This projhe ect is helpful to track all the book and library information and to rate the maximum number of books. This project is developed in C++, which mainly focuses on basic operations in a library like adding new member, new books and updating new information, searching books and members and facility to borrow and return books.

The main aim of this system is to keep the book in the proper format with its complete details including Author and the person who is issuing the book.

The main objectieves behind the development of this project:

  • To utilize the information of books.
  • To store and retrieve books items.
  • To manage records of students.
  • To store and access item in books stocks.
  • To manage the particular records of student.
  • To provide details of issue books.

This is a C++ project on Library Management System. You can use Library Management System for learning purpose. We have used procedure oriented method to design this project Library Management System.

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