Payroll Management System Project C++

Posted By freeproject on March 13, 2015

Payroll Management System Project in C++ is available here for free download. Payroll Management System is managing employee's information of organization. Payroll Management System is the heart and important activity in any organization. The main features of Payroll Management System is to maintain complete employee information, communication through mails, helpful in calculating the salary for each employee and it also focuses on each employee's attendance and the number of leaves taken per month.

The main objectives of this project:

  • To improve effeciancy of company.
  • To create records.
  • To save records for employees according to their information given to the administration of the company.
  • To reduce extra cost for the database.
  • To store up-to-date information of the employees.
  • To make the employees understand the rules of the company.

This is a C++ project on Payroll Management System. You can use Payroll Management System for learning purpose. We have used procedure oriented method to design this project Payroll Management System.

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