Traffic Controller System Java Spring Boot Angular Project

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Posted By freeproject on July 7, 2021

Traffic Controller System is a Java Spring Boot, MySQL and Angular Project which runs on the tomcat server, you can also run this project in Eclipse and Spring Tool Suites (STS). We have developed this Java Spring Boot and Angular Project on Traffic Controller System for automating the process of Traffic Controller System . The main features of this project is to manage Traffic Polices, Routes, Divertions, Length, and Traffic

This is a Major Project in Java using Spring Boot Micro Services API, which is suitable for students who are looking for final year java spring boot projects, the main modules of the project is Traffic Polices module, Routes module, Divertions module, Length module and module, which performs all the operation in their respective domains. Spring Boot and Angular Project on Traffic Controller System is secured web application which run inside the JVM and we have used Eclipse IDE for developing this project

You can download spring boot project on Traffic Controller System from our website. Also we provide Traffic Controller System Project report, PPT and synopsis along with project. If you are looking for Spring, EJB, hibernate Traffic Controller System project then we can develop it also according to your requirements. This is a web application projects in java free download, which you can run easily on any of web browser.

Traffic Controller System is a simple java spring boot angular projects with source code for beginners from which students can learn, how to develop a good projects in Spring boot on STS tools. We also provide major spring boot projects for final year and mini spring boot projects for semester project.

For developing this Traffic Controller System in Spring boot, we have used many of the spring boot libraries. Like for database operations we have used JPA, hibernate and for writting custom queries we have used entity manager. All the dependencies of Traffic Controller System , we are managing by pom.xml file

Report of Traffic Controller System :

  • Traffic Polices report : We can generate all the reports of Traffic Polices in this
  • Routes report : Generate reports related to Routes
  • Divertions report : All Divertions reports will be available in this section
  • Length report : You can generate filtered reports of Length
  • You can generates the report of Length, Traffic Polices,
  • Routes, Traffic, Divertions has facility for dynamic search. So you can filter the records run time
  • PDF reporting has been integrated for exporting of the report for Traffic Polices, Routes, Divertions modules
  • You can create the CSV reports for Traffic Polices, Length, Routes

Modules of Traffic Controller System :

  • Traffic Polices module : We can manage all the operations related to Traffic Polices from this module
  • Routes module : This module is normally developed for managing the Routes operations
  • Divertions module : All the operations realated to Divertions will be managed by Divertions
  • Length module : This module manages Length functionalities
  • module : modules performs all the create, read, update and delete operations of
  • Traffic module : It manages all the functionalities of Traffic

Traffic Controller System Spring Boot API Installation Steps:

  • Download Traffic Controller System zip file and extract it
  • Open the project in Eclipse or STS Tools and run it
  • Open phpmyadmin and create Traffic Controller System database
  • Import database Traffic Controller System .sql
  • Open Your browser run the API : "http://localhost:8080/Traffic Controller System /"

Traffic Controller System Frontend Angular Installation Steps:

  • Download Traffic Controller System zip file and extract it
  • Run npm install command to download the required packages
  • Run ng serve command to run the project
  • Open Your browser run the API : "http://localhost:4200/" to run the project

Softwares needed to run Traffic Controller System

  • Sprint tool suites or Eclipse IDE
  • JDK 1.8 : To run this project you have JDK 1.8 version
  • Tomcat 8 : This project runs over the tomcat 8 server
  • MySQL : You need mysql database for running this project
  • MySQL JConnector : For making the connection from mysql and java, we need it
  • Node Version 10 : For configuring angular project
  • Angular CLI : For running the angular project

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