RFID Based Parts Tracking System

Posted By freeproject on January 22, 2019

RFID Based Parts Tracking System

Day by day, the demand of import and export of goods and spare parts is rapidly increased .In today’s globalized world; we get everything at the tip of our finger. Everyone tries to expand their own businesses by expanding their customer base of other cities. So, for transporting from parts to other cities, they need proper parts tracking system which can manage every part of transportation system. Here, in this article, we brief about Radio Frequency Identification technology based parts tracking system. We allot a unique RFID tag to every part to represent its separate identity. RFID tag is placed on the part shows information about its production batch, timing, transport no, etc. When parts are delivered to customer, he can gather every information regarding that part like where and when it is manufactured, etc. RFID tag also shows the cost of part. If in case part becomes damaged so, in that case owner can easily track who is responsible for that.

Due RFID and IOT based part tracking system, any retailer or wholesaler, get the information about the product parts and its delivery status like when it is dispatched from go down and when it is packed and what is it delivery status, etc. If in case any customer complaints about default part, by using RFID tag, they can easily get information whether it is damaged by customer or anywhere else. If in case, any part is lost or misplaced, we can easily track its location.

RFID and IOT based part tracking system makes parts transportation more easy and organized. This system generates real-time data analysis about current parts transaction that really helps businessman for doing and managing their businesses. Supervisors as well as business owner gets the reports about every transaction and businesses per go down and city offices. The demand and supply chain can easily managed and maintain with the help of this RFID and IOT based parts tracking system. Now in almost all standard companies, factories, and godowns these types of goods and parts transport systems are installed.

The cost required for this RFID and IOT based parts transport system is very less as that of manual system. Also, within minimum manpower, we can manage these systems. The manpower cost, admin cost and other elementary costs are suddenly reduced when we installed such system for goods and parts tracking. In this system, everything will be crystal and clear. Owner gets the actual status and performance of each and every employee.

Technology Used in the project RFID Based Parts Tracking System

Software component for the project to develop user interface for (IOT RFID Based Parts Tracking System)

  • Embedded C Language : All the hardware interface coding has been done in Embedded C Language
  • PHP : All the business logic and the web interface has been written in PHP
  • MySQL : MySQL database has been used as database for the project
  • Apache 2 : The web interface is running over the apache2 server
  • JavaScript : For from validations and animation effects
  • JQuery Library : We have used many of the jQuery Library in the project such as Calendar

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RFID Based Parts Tracking System
RFID Based Parts Tracking System

RFID Based Parts Tracking System

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RFID Based Parts Tracking System
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