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Posted By freeproject on June 3, 2021

Python Django and MySQL Project on Online Juice Store

Python Project on Online Juice Store is an online portal for ordering Juice online, where user can order for different Juice Juices. Its a Python Django and MySQL Project, where we have different modules which make user shopping experince great. The main purpose for developing this project Online Juice Store is to sell Juice online. The main modules, we have developed in this project are Juice order module, which manages Juice related functionalities. We have also implemented a local payment gateway page for payment. This is a mini python project on Online Juice Store, where you can learn a lot of things. Here students can search easy python projects and get easily download free php projects with source code and database. We can develop python projects with source code free download for students who want to python projects to learn

The Online Juice Store in Python is a simple project developed using Python. The project contains only the customer side. The customer can order Juice online and see his orders. Thus, this is a digital way of management of the Juice order and also the payment system. We will provide full provide source code and database of Online Juice Store, developed in Python Django and MySQL. Also, the coding of this project is very simple so that the user won’t get any difficulties while working on it.

Using this application the Customers can buy the Juice items using the internet by sitting at home. Usually, the customer if they want Juice item they should visit the Juice shop, and they wish to purchase the items they do the payment and gets the Juice to the home. To overcome this manual visit to the Juice shop we can use this application virtually and make the payment of the purchase.

Modules and Description of Online Juice Store Project:

Juice Module :

The main aim of this module is provide all the details functionality realted to Juice. This Juice Module is an important module in this mini project Online Juice Store which has been developed on Python, Django and MySQL. Student can get complete python projects with source code and documentation free download.

Features of Juice Module:

  • Customer can see the list of Juice details
  • All Juice forms are validated on client side using JavaScript

Types Module :

The main aim for developing this module is to manage the Juice Type. Here students can get Python, Django projects with database free download. So all Type will be managed by Customer and customer and will be able to see the Type.

Features of Types Module:

  • Customer can see the list of all Type
  • patient can see Type

Category Module :

This module has been developed for managing all the information of the Juice Categories.

Features of Category Module:

  • Customer can see the list of all Category

Login Module :

This is the login form, from where Customer can login into the system.

Features of Login Module:

  • Customer can add new Login records
  • Customer can see the Login details
  • Only Customer can edit and update the record of the Login
  • Customer can change the password

Functionality performed by Customer user:

  • Customer Registration : Any customer can register on wesbite using the registration form.
  • Customer Login : This is the login form, from where customer can login into the system
  • Customer Juice : This is customer Juice form.
  • Customer Payment : This is the customer payment form of the Juice where customer will be able to make payment.
  • Customer Order : This is the customer order form of the Juice.
  • Customer Order Confirmation: This is the customer order confirmation form where customer will be able to confirm his order item.
  • Change Password : This is the cahnge password module from where ccustomer change his account password.

Static Pages and other sections :

These static pages will be available in project Online Juice Store

  • Home Page with good UI
  • Home Page will contain an animated slider for images banner
  • About us page will be available which will describe about the project
  • Contact us page will be available in the project

Technology Used in the project Online Juice Store

We have developed this project using the below technology

  • HTML : Page layout has been designed in HTML
  • CSS : CSS has been used for all the desigining part
  • JavaScript : All the validation task and animations has been developed by JavaScript
  • Python : All the business logic has been implemented in Python
  • MySQL : MySQL database has been used as database for the project
  • Django : Project has been developed over the Django Framework

Supported Operating System

We can configure this project on following operating system.

  • Windows : This project can easily be configured on windows operating system. For running this project on Windows system, you will have to install Python, PIP, Django.
  • Linux : We can run this project also on all versions of Linux operating system
  • Mac : We can also easily configured this project on Mac operating system.
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Python Django and MySQL Project on Online Juice Store

Python Django and MySQL Project on Online Juice Store

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