E-Tiffin Ordering Android Project

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Posted By freeproject on September 11, 2020

E-Tiffin Ordering Android Project (E-Tiffin Ordering Android Project)

In this modern age, the project E-Tiffin Ordering App is popular day by day, customer needs a simple interface to order foods, foods category, foods online, this major android project provide all the requirements of customer and it provides an easy interface to navigate. We have developed this E-Tiffin Ordering Application in android studio using java language and its native android app. So for ruuning and configuring E-Tiffin Ordering Android Project in students system must have android studio.

I have developed this major project E-Tiffin Ordering on android Platform and it runs over the android studio. The main aim of this android project E-Tiffin Ordering is to manage all the details about customer, foods, orders etc. In this project customer can buy foods, make payment, and see the order history etc. In this project, we have developed 2 types of interfaces, one is for customer that is Android Application on E-Tiffin Ordering and another is E-Tiffin Ordering web api for admin. This project Android project on E-Tiffin Ordering manage all of the shopping features, like product details, add to cart, search tiffin related food, payment, order history etc, also we developed android project UI very simple from which user can easily navigate through the pages. Student can find all the android projects with source code and full documentations. These are various features available in E-Tiffin Ordering. We have best collections of android projects with source code and database. Student can download latest android projects with source code.

There are 2 types of users available in this project.
  • Admin User : Admin user have all rights to managing all of far displaying in E-Tiffin Ordering android app on user mobile. He will be able to manage all shopping foods, customers and orders.
  • Customer User : The customer interface has been designed in Android Studio, from where customer can register, login and order foods.

Admin user functionalities:

  • Login For Admin
  • Logout Functionality
  • Dashboard for Admin User
  • Manage foods
    • Adding New foods
    • Edit the Exitinng foods
    • View details of the foods
    • Listing of all foods
  • Manage foods Category
    • Adding New foods Category
    • Edit the Exiting foods Category
    • View details of the foods Category
    • Listing of all foods Category
  • Manage Orders
    • See list of all orders
    • Update status of orders
  • Reports of the project E-Tiffin Ordering
    • Report of all Orders
    • Report of all foods Category
    • Report of all foods

Customer Android App functionalities:

  • Login For Customer
  • Logout Functionality
  • Customer Registration
  • Customer My Account
  • Customer can search get the list of foods
  • All avilable foods category
  • Customer can see the foods details with iamges
  • Customer can add/delete foods from cart with quantity
  • Customer will be able to pay online or use Cash on delivery option
  • Customer can see his all order history and order items

We have developed this project using the below technology

  • Android XML : Page layout has been designed in Android XML
  • Android : This project has been developed over the Android Platform
  • Java : All the coding has been written in Java
  • API : This is an API based system and we have developed the API in PHP
  • MySQL : MySQL database has been used as database for the project on API server
  • Android Studio : We have used Android Studio for developing the project

Supported Operating System

We can configure this project on following operating system.

  • Windows : This project can easily be configured on windows operating system. For running this project on Windows system, you will have to install Android Studio
  • Linux : We can run this project also on all versions of Linux operating system
  • Mac : We can also easily configured this project on Mac operating system.

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E-Tiffin Ordering Android Project (E-Tiffin Ordering Android Project)

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