Software Requirement Specification

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The Software Requirements Specification is produced at the culmination of the analysis task. The function and performance allocated to software as part of system engineering are refined by establishing a complete information description, a detailed functional and behavioral description, an indication of performance requirements and design constraints, appropriate validation criteria, and other data pertinent to requirements.

1.  Introduction

  1. Purpose –   The main purpose,  to make this software is to over come of  problems of data base handling, maintain registers of members, Credentials,  and  information about worker which are works at Library etc.
  2. Intended Audience – This SRS is meant for basically my final semester project report of MCA. Besides, it is obviously targeted for the managers of mentioned center, the client, to get and overall description and advantage of the proposed system over the existing manual system.
  3. Product Vision and Scope – The proposed system is being developed keeping in mind the requirements/need of the client to automate its existing system for record keeping, report generation and management level information  system. Keeping in mind the needs, the system has been developed as per guidelines laid by the client’s center. The system is capable enough to handle records, Credential’s records, member’s records, visitors records, report generation, and storing other related information.

Overall Description

 2.1 Product Perspectives:

The proposed system falls under RDBMS (Relational Data Base Management System) category. I have adopted PHP as front end for the software and MYSQL as back end. PHP is at present one of the most popular development platform for web based system that is efficient for web programming. MYSQL is at present the most reliable and secure RDBMS tool. MYSQL Server works to efficiently manage its resource, a database of information, among the multiple clients requesting and sending data in the network. MYSQL has many important features that make it not only an exceptional database management system but also an excellent database server choice for client/server database computing. So the overall system will prove to reliable, secure and efficient for the organization.

2.2  Product Functions


2.2.1 Any person can query for Credentials availability according to specified conditions.

  1. A Person can Credential/cancel the Credential only after he logs in.
  2. A user can sign up for a profile if he doesn’t have one already.
  3. On logging in, the user has options to
    1. Credential issued.
    2. Edit Profile information
    3. Cancellation of his Credentialed issued.
    4. View all current Credentials Credentialed by him.
    5. Logout
  4. A person can get all information regarding if he keys in it.
    • A person can get all information about a Credentials if he keys in the Credential id.
    • A person can get the availability of all Credentials for the next 20 days.
    • Official members are suppose to do that work which distributed by the administrator 
    • Administrator or assigned official members can add/modify/delete information.
    • Administrator or assigned official members can add/modify/delete seat type according their availability and generate report.
    • Administrator or assigned official members can define and manage charges information.
    • Administrator or assigned official members can define scheme and modify time to time and generate report.
    • Administrator can add/modify/delete official member and generate report.
    • Administrator can add/modify/delete user information and generate report.

2.3. Operating Environment – The proposed software is  to run on client/server model network.

A client/server can deliver the better performance than the file server system because a client application and database server work together to split processing load of applications (thus the term distributed processing). The server manages the database among the number of clients, while the client send, request, and analyze the data entry form with small specific data set, such as rows in a table not file as in the file server system. A database server is intelligent enough so that it lock and return only the rows a client request, which ensure concurrency, minimize the network traffic and increase the system performance.

  1. Assumptions and Dependencies – While cost estimation of the proposed system it has been assumed that the cost hardware and for license of Operating System and back end will be met by client (the organization). Hence only the cost incurred for the proposed software is included therein.

The followings are identified as some of the potential risk factors or dependencies:

  1. Non-availability of required resources.
  2. Power cuts.
  3. Slippage of schedule due to unpredictable holidays, etc.

2.5 Life Cycle Model – I am using SDLC model that begin at system level and progresses through analysis, design, coding, testing, implementation and maintenance.

  1. External Interface Requirements
    1. User Interfaces – It has been required that every form’s interface should be user friendly and simple to use. Besides, there should be facility of accessing the system through keyboard along with the mouse i.e.       keyboard shortcuts.
    2. Software Interfaces – It has been required that there could be a necessity of using the stored data for some kind of report that is not supported by proposed system at present. So the proposed system is required to export its data as text file so that some other application software can import the data.

4.  System Future Requirement : Other than descriptions provided above, the following features were required by the client:

  1. The system should be secured enough to rely upon.
  2. Users should not be allowed to delete/modify any records.
  3. Users should not be allowed to take financial reports.
  4. Every users report should keep the tracks of user inputting the record.
  5. System should provide facility of exporting its data in text format.
  6. System should be able to integrate with its Phase II developments.

5. Other Nonfunctional Requirements

  1. Performance Requirements : As it is going to be used by all the concerned employees within the organization, the system should have a good performance in terms of speed and accuracy. The proposed system should be accurate and fast enough to handle huge data. It should provide fast communication between server and clients.
  2. Safety Requirements : As the system is going to handle records for a long run eliminating the manual system, it is supposed to ensure the retaining of data avoiding or eliminating any probable cause for data loss.
  3. Security Requirements : The software should not allow unauthorized access to any module of the system. Besides, it should maintain the privileges granted to users at various user levels.
  4. Software Quality Attributes : The prioritization of the software quality attributes are assumed as under:
    1. Accurate and hence reliable.
    2. Secured.
    3. Fast speed.
    4. Compatibility.
    5. Portability.

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